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Jason Ruiter

Over the weekend we suffered a burst pipe in the basement and ankle deep water. As a result we have had all water to the school shut off and a plumber is enroute. Things should be back to normal tomorrow. Special thanks to "Super Phil" for acting promptly and stopping the disaster from being much much worse. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Hopefully you receive this message in time.
October 15, 2019

Jason Ruiter

We will be closed August 4th and 5th in observance of the BC Day long weekend. Enjoy your holiday!
July 30, 2019

Jason Ruiter

Soooo, this is stuck in my head this morning. I apologize in advance. https://youtu.be/​XqZsoesa55w
August 30, 2018

Jason Ruiter

Testing tonight! Saturday classes are still on with the exception of the 10am Leadership class
August 24, 2018

Deanna Galvao

How often is belt testing/promotions for Juniors?
January 30, 2018

Jason Ruiter

Hi Deanna, good question. We schedule testing every three months, eligibility to test is based on class time and the individual students knowledge level.

Jason Ruiter

If you are in the area tomorrow please be sure to stop by as we are a participating merchant. If you are doing class, be sure to come in your costume as we will be handing out a prize for who we think as the best costume. We will be having a lot of fun tomorrow so come prepared!
October 30, 2017

Jason Ruiter

Life skills and character development

How martial arts differs from all other extra curricular activities   Read more...
September 26, 2017

Jason Ruiter

Tournaments - Code of conduct

Expectations for Competition Students  
February 5, 2016

Metro Performance Taekwondo Studio

Just a reminder, classes are cancelled for Monday May 18 (Victoria Day)
May 16, 2015

Michelle Ofreneo

Hi there, are there classes today? Wondering, due to the long weekend. Thanks!
May 16, 2015